Announcing a new edition of It’s (Not That) Complicated, plus audiobook and eBook formats

Friends, we’re happy to announce a new edition of It’s (Not That) Complicated, featuring over 20 pages of new content. For those of you who already bought the first edition of the book and don’t want to buy a new copy, we’ll be sharing most of the new content with you for free here over the next few weeks.*

We’re also, at long last, releasing it in audiobook format, read by both of yours truly. You can buy it here and hear a sample here. If you’d prefer to get it in eBook format, we also provide it in a MOBI file for Kindles, an EPUB file for all other ebook readers, and a PDF file for your computer.

And while we’re announcing shiny new things, check out the new Botkin Sisters store. From now until February 14th, we’re running a 20%-off-everything Valentine’s Day sale, so shop soon!

*If your copy says “Third printing,” you already have the second edition.