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We wish we could promise to write back to every email or letter we receive, but unfortunately – due both to the amount of mail we get and the number of nieces and nephews urgently needing to have tea parties and bug hunts with us, etc. – we simply cannot. We do promise, however, that every message is at the very least read, thoughtfully considered, and sometimes addressed in our next article, book, documentary, or webinar.

That said, we would love to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns, and yes, constructive criticism! As long as we’re still writing, we’ll still be at work trying to correct and refine our ideas, and your feedback is one way we do that.

Note: If you’re in a situation that needs counsel, we cannot – as much as we wish we could – provide the kind of help you need. We would urge you to find someone local, ideally in your church, to provide you with the counsel your situation needs.