• notcomplicated
    How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical Way

    Ever been confused about friendships with boys? How to handle crushes? How friendly is too friendly? How close is too close? What to do when a guy is being way too friendly? What guys think about all this? What it means to be a “sister, in all purity”? Guy-girl relationships have always been complicated, but perhaps never more so than today. It’s (Not That) Complicated is a humorous, hopeful, and deeply thought-provoking new look at guy-girl relationships in our times. Dealing practically with such complications as online interaction, Hollywood expectations, undefined relationships, and unrequited love, the Botkin sisters offer enduring … Read more →

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  • reclaiming_beauty_dl
    A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body

    Today’s young Christian women have grown up in the most image-obsessed generation in history, a generation that worships some of the most twisted ideals of beauty the world has ever seen. But whether we love them or hate them… they tend to shape our own perceptions of what beauty is. Some of us struggle to fit into the mold – others of us are repulsed by it, concluding that physical beauty itself is immodest, worldly, and unspiritual, and reject the realm of beautification completely. But when all we’ve ever seen is the counterfeit the world offers, we can sometimes forget … Read more →

  • adventurous-femininity

    If you’ve ever felt frustrated by a mold of “biblical” femininity that seems small, weak, mousy, or useless, maybe it’s time to re-examine what characteristics God praises in a woman, and the forgotten reason God created woman in the first place — to stand at man’s side in adventure, discovery, progress, dominion work, and spreading the gospel. In this inspiring, humorous, and life-changing message by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, get challenged to go beyond your comfort zone; be introduced to a handful of adventurous heroines from history; be encouraged to embrace a more full-orbed picture of biblical womanhood; and … Read more →

  • good-girls-problem-guys-dl
    Taking the Moral High Ground With Men Who Are In Sin

    You’re a solid young Christian woman. You’re committed to purity and wholesome relationships. You don’t hang out with “bad” guys. And you suddenly find yourself dealing with a guy who’s trying to play you, manipulate you, use you, entice you, or even abuse you. What do you do? It’s dangerously naïve to deny that predators, manipulators, abusers, playboys, wolves, stalkers, and creeps haunt every circle – as do good guys simply having a hard time mastering their sin nature. And though we’re never responsible for sins men commit, it’s time to know our own power to resist and rebuke evildoers. … Read more →

  • developing-gifts-dl

    Have you ever struggled with purpose and fruitfulness? Yearned to use your single years more fully? Wondered how God wants to see you developing your gifts and using them for Him? Questioned how principles of home-based womanhood can really work out practically in tough financial situations and a failing economy? Then this talk was given for you. In this inspiring, practical, and game-changing message by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, discover the missing keys to a vibrant, fruitful (and economically viable) family life.

  • not-about-staying-home-dl
    And Nine Other Things Christian Young Womanhood is Not All About

    If you think God’s plan for young women is all about being modest, keeping pure, staying home, preparing for marriage, and waiting for Prince Charming… you will not like this message. But… If you’re tired of a small and fruitless vision for single womanhood, and are wondering if God might want more from you… If you’re frustrated with a lack of fruitfulness, real-world involvement, and opportunities to grow, be stretched, and exercise your gifts… If you’re sick of legalism, idolatry, formulas, movements, bandwagons, Christian-subculture trends and man-made rules, and just want to get back to God’s timeless principles for young … Read more →

  • austenvampires
    Examining Girls’ Literary Appetites and Literary Eating Disorders

    What do handsome heroes, bonnets, and vampires have in common? Not much, but they’re all pieces of the most famous and influential girls’ literature of all time – literature that has revamped the way thousands of young women view reality, the world, themselves, men, and romance. In this fascinating audio message, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin analyze authors from Jane Austen to Janette Oke to Stephanie Meyer, and lay out the basics of choosing a healthy literary diet. “…something every girl that loves to read should listen to! …a captivating and humorous discussion of what we should be ‘feasting’ on … Read more →

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  • reclaimingbeautystudyguide

    The Reclaiming Beauty Study Guide is designed to accompany the 7-session Reclaiming Beauty video series, an intensely practical, biblical, image-rich course on the meaning and cultivation of beauty from the inside out, hosted by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. It ranges from topics as practical as skincare, fitness, posture, voice, modesty solutions, home-made beauty products, and how to clothe ourselves better for less, to subjects as penetrating as personal identity, insecurity, our attitude toward others, and the state of our hearts before the Lord. In scope, the Reclaiming Beauty Study Course is as much a crash course in art, design, … Read more →

  • aboutboys
    How to Relate to Brothers in Christ: A Practical Guide

    Why is it hard for girls to find the balance between flirting and shunning? How can girls keep their hearts pure? What responsibilities do they have toward young men? Is it possible to be “just friends”? Hear practical advice from Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin on navigating the tricky waters of relationships with boys, and how these relationships, properly conducted, can be edifying and strengthening. [I] highly recommend it for parents striving to help their daughters navigate what can be (but certainly don’t always have to be) the tricky waters of boy-girl friendships and young women who are seeking biblical … Read more →

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  • whose_daughter_dl

    Whose are you really? Do you belong to God, or to yourself? Are you your father’s daughter, or the world’s daughter? Are you femininity’s daughter, or feminism’s? Beneath the nice-girl exterior — where is your heart? In this message to young women, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin ask incisive questions to help listeners determine the state of their souls, the direction of their affections, the object of their motivations, and their true identity.