Return of the Daughters: Update #7

Feedback on the upcoming “Return of the Daughters” documentary runs the gamut from the good, the bad and the ugly, to the astonishingly candid. Though most of the comments have been overwhelmingly positive, we occasionally encounter frank assessments of our beliefs like the one below:

How weird. …talk about not having a life. These poor girls do not know what’s really out there for them. If you want to settle down after marrige-that’s fine but for a girl to waste the best years of her life waiting for prince charming to come rescue her from a cinderella life in the home-you will miss so much!! Dating, College, partying…the list goes on and on. … I can only feel sorry for these brain washed young women who are prisoners in their own homes!

Our trailer and updates have piqued people’s interest and sparked some interesting public debate. Are our featured girls leading boring lives? Are they spending their single years sitting around “waiting for Prince Charming”? Are they missing out on anything worth having? Are they prisoners in their own homes? Have they been brainwashed, or do they think and speak for themselves? Was this lifestyle forced on them, or did they choose it?

Why is this way of life so exciting, adventurous, and rewarding for such intelligent and ambitious young women?

You’ll just have to wait until the film comes out to find out.