Thanks for Return of the Daughters

Here are one couple’s thoughts on our documentary. Camelia, from Romania, has the unique perspective of having been raised in a communist country, and has an interesting insight into how American culture has confused the concepts of liberty and oppression.

We received our copy of “The Return of the Daughters” this week and took the first opportunity to watch the film as a family! How encouraging and provoking! I highly recommend this documentary not just to young ladies who desire to understand what God requires of them, but to families as well, who struggle with developing a Christ centered vision for their daughters presently and in the future. The content is true to the Scripture and demonstrates the blessings that come from a biblical model of womanhood and from fathers who love their daughters too much to allow them to drink the stagnant waters of egalitarianism.

For the first 10 years of my life I was raised in a communist country by parents who had been born and lived all of their lives under communism. “College and career” was one of my first goals in life because I remember thinking about a career from a very early age. I did not grow up thinking I would marry, raise godly children and be a keeper at home. Under communism women were forced into egalitarianism to be instruments of the “Mother State for the common good”. I knew I had two options: study very hard to have a good career or end up working in one of the factories. There was never an alternative presented to me. Socialist governments want women in the work force as much as men and the family is a tool of production. Fathers do not provide vision for their children, but rather leave it up to the State. I am often times shocked to see that what was seen as oppression in the Socialist Republic of Romania is called liberty here in America (even among Christians). What really hit home was a comment made by Voddie Baucham. He said, “I don’t know why we allow ourselves to be poured into the world’s mold that somehow says to go out and pour your life into a stranger in order to build the ministry or the business of a stranger, equals freedom, equals liberty, equals fulfillment; but to do so with the man whom God has entrusted you as your father is a waste.” As stated in the documentary we do live in times of transition and God has been faithful bringing me through that transition. At 19, while in college, God sent a wonderful man to me from the other side of the world. We were married when I was 20. I left college, in pursuit of my husband and have never felt that I somehow missed something or settled for less. Looking back I am thankful that God has given me a purpose so much greater than the vanity of that first pursuit. Now, with three girls and one baby boy in the way I am so thankful that, by God’s grace, our family will be the transition point to many generations to come. -Camelia

“The Return of the Daughters” provides such a timely message to a culture that has made it popular to force our daughters into an ungodly egalitarianism, thereby robbing so many of their God given liberty and purpose in our homes. This film is salt and light to an unlit Christian culture that has lost its savor. The Botkin family has done a wonderful job of bringing families together to provide a rich and powerful testament of Biblical womanhood in the Christian home! May God give an increase beyond measure. It will be a family favorite for generations to come. –Elijah