The Navigating History Project

Our oldest brother, Isaac, is about to spearhead an exciting online video series designed to teach history, geography, and current affairs to a young Christian audience. He and his team will be starting with a 6-episode adventure history series about an expedition to Egypt, to help viewers understand Egypt from a biblical worldview. The team departs and the adventure begins in two weeks, for an educational journey you don’t want to miss!

As the guys prepare for launch, we girls are having the time of our lives helping with the research for this amazing project. Egypt teaches us so many lessons that apply to our present day. Through our research, we’ve been seeing in whole new ways:

How God works through history
How religion externalizes itself in a nation’s culture
What bad government does to the arts
What superstition does to the world of medicine
What bad theology (Islam) does to gender roles
What a nation of ruler-gods does to law
How art shapes the world-view of a society
How God judges infanticide and racial extermination
How hydraulic empires work
How the pyramids were built
What Greek and Roman influence did in Egypt
What the Ottoman Empire did in Egypt
What British and French imperialism did in Egypt
How modern Egypt is affected by its past
And much more.

If you’ve ever wanted a crash course in historic civilizations, government, law, economics, architecture, technology, sociology, and the arts – and how religious ideas drive all of these – you will want to join the Egypt expeditionary team for this incredible learning adventure.

Discover the Egypt that Abraham sojourned to, that Joseph sustained during famine, that God judged with the Ten Plagues, that the Hebrews were delivered from, and that Mary, Joseph and Jesus fled to. See the wonders of the ancient world through the lens of a biblical worldview. Learn about the big issues of the world you live in today. Go to to learn more.