It’s (Not That) Complicated: It’s Here!

How do young men and young women interact with one another when marriage is not in view? Can young men and young women be ‘friends’? And how does a young woman guard her heart, preserve her purity, and walk in integrity without treating young men with disdain? In It’s (Not That) Complicated, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin address these and other questions with wisdom, grace, transparency, and biblical acuity.

— Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.

We’re excited to announce that It’s (Not That) Complicated is now available! For more information and to order a copy, visit, and don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks for excerpts and special features.

Girl-Guy Relationships

Coming Soon: It’s (Not That) Complicated!

We’re excited to announce that our new book, It’s (Not That) Complicated: How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical Way, will be released on November 1st! Many thanks to all of you who wrote us with your ideas and questions; we wanted this book to be as timely and practical as possible, and we couldn’t have written it without your help.

Stay tuned – we’ll be posting updates, sneak peaks, and bonus features over the next couple of weeks!

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Our Egyptian Adventure

Many of you may be waiting to hear an update on our newest book project… and you will… soon. But first we want to tell you about an adventurous endeavor that we undertook with our brother Isaac, and are now ready to unveil.

Navigating History: Egypt — more information here

Several months ago, Isaac (with Dad’s blessing and encouragement) conceived and developed a vision for a six-episode series about Egypt that would take viewers from the top of the mountains surrounding the Valley of the Kings into the tombs under the pyramids. His goal was to take a team with cameras to explore the darkest and most secret parts of Egypt’s history and illuminate them with the light of Scripture.

But Isaac wasn’t about to have all the fun without us. He brought us on board at the beginning to help make his vision a reality. Though we didn’t get to be on the trip this time, this was our part of the adventure: We got to help man Mission Control and the snazzy project website while he and his team were on the ground in Egypt.

Anna Sofia and the not-yet-Nadia-Botkin editing B-roll images

No, we didn’t get to have the boots-on-the-ground experience of actually being there and seeing and touching Egypt. But we were enjoying plenty of action on the home-front with our family; doing things we had never done before and had no idea how to do. For example, we had to learn Photoshop and basic HTML, and had to write briefings for the team on subjects like Islamic architecture and ancient Egyptian medicine.

Elizabeth and Nawelle hashing out website details

All of us had to work around the clock, marketing, managing the live broadcasts, writing articles and designing headers. And then, when he got home, the real work began – writing content for the 220-page companion book, on everything from biblical chronology to French mysticism to Shariah law to pagan death rituals to evolutionary history-revision to pyramid-building-theories (in which we discovered that aliens didn’t do it).

Anna Sofia does hands-on research on Egyptian heiroglyphs

We didn’t do this because we believed we had a biblical duty to submit to Isaac, or to be his junior helpmeets. We also didn’t do it because we particularly (initially) cared about proving that aliens didn’t build the pyramids. We did this because we particularly cared about Isaac. Isaac was about to take a big step, a bold risk, a fearless stand, and we didn’t want to miss that for the world! If Isaac was going to stand inside a mosque and call Muhammed a false prophet, and denounce Statism in front of the giant pillars at Karnak, we, for one, wanted to be on his home team. It was our way of saying to him, “We think what you’re doing is important – we think it’s important enough to put our money where our mouths are.” And we did it because our time of being with Isaac, and available to help him, won’t last forever.

Saying Goodbye
Sending the Navigating History team off to Egypt with prayer.

It was an experience we wouldn’t have traded for anything. We discovered a whole new world of ideas and broadened our intellectual horizons. We learned that sisterly duties don’t have to be limited to domestic things, far removed from what the boys are doing. We discovered how much fun it is to be part of a man’s world, even if it means taking the plunge into finding world politics as fascinating as they do.

Multi-tasking: Elizabeth compares notes with Isaac on Islam’s view of women over dinner prep.

Most importantly, though, we became much closer to Isaac; and we helped him accomplish his dream, making big strides as a dominion man and disciplemaker.

(And we ended up having enough time left over to still be able to write our upcoming book about relationships with boys. But more news on that soon. Stay tuned!)

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We’re Writing Another Book


It’s been over five years since we released So Much More, and since then, we’ve seen much, heard much, done much, and learned much. And we’ve decided it’s time to write another book. The topic, this time, is relationships with boys. What we need now is for you, dear readers, to give us your feedback! What information would you most like to see in a book on this topic? What questions would you most like answered?

What do you think are the biggest issues girls deal with regarding young men?

Their biggest questions about proper guy-girl interaction?

Their biggest fears regarding relationships, marriage, and singleness?

Things they’ve always wanted to know about the young man’s perspective?

The most complicated relationship situations they face?

What lessons have you learned that you would most like other girls to hear about?

Please send your feedback on any or all of these questions to us at damselsATvisionarydaughtersDOTcom.

We’re eager to hear from you soon! This is an exciting project, and your help with it will be invaluable.

Botkin ProjectsGirl-Guy Relationships

Our Favorite Married Couples Speak On Marrying Well


Over the past year and a half we have had the privilege of watching two of our brothers humbly and prayerfully consider the decision to marry their future brides. Their examples have taught us a lot about discerning the Lord’s will and studying Scripture for answers to the many questions that surface along the way. We’re excited to announce that our father, Geoffrey Botkin, and our dear mother Victoria will be joining David & Nadia and Ben & Audri for a five-week webinar discussing marriage–and the challenges and joys of getting there. Find out more at!

Botkin ProjectsGirl-Guy Relationships

David and Nadia’s Wedding


On May 14, 2011, our brother David was wed to our dear friend Nadia Noor, in one of the most blessed days of our family’s lives. (more…)

Botkin Life

Announcing… Yet Another Botkin Girl!

Twelve years ago, a young man in New Zealand began praying for a godly wife. About four years later, a young girl in New Jersey began praying for a godly husband. Over a few years of tests, changes, and international and cross-country moves, God brought the paths of these two very remarkable people together. This week, they became engaged to be married.


Rejoice with us, as we celebrate the engagement of our dear brother David to our beloved friend Nadia Noor! The Lord has brought our brother his perfect match and complement, his “good thing,” and “helper suitable.” Seeing the Lord’s hand in preparing these two for each other, and leading them to each other, has been an overwhelming reminder of the perfection of His sovereign plan and His wonderful lovingkindness.

David, Nawelle, Nadia, and Anna Sofia butchering chickens. It shouldn’t normally take four people.

This was a relationship forged through blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literally…) Nadia had become like a sister to us since her family moved to Tennessee last year, and she and David had the opportunity to work on a number of projects together over the last year (see one of them here)


It wasn’t long after David met Nadia that he was struck by her fear of the Lord, her gentle and quiet spirit, her bold and fearless shepherd’s heart, and her devotion to her family. She stood out to him as a woman of unusual thoughtfulness, wisdom, and intelligence, tempered with humility. Most importantly, he saw in Nadia a heart wholly the Lord’s — a hunger and thirst for righteousness, a passion for the Word, and a desire for God that matched the deepest desires of his own heart.


“House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.” (Proverbs 19:14)


“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.” (Proverbs 18:22)


Right after she said yes — Dad, David, and Anna Sofia give thanks to the Lord.


Ben, Audri, and Elizabeth doing the same.


It is a beautiful thing to see a couple fully united in their mutual love of the Lord and His law, their humility, and their tender hearts before God — and in their resolute stands in the battle. We can’t wait to see where God takes this dynamic couple. Our prayers are with them as they prepare to serve Him with the rest of their lives together.


Botkin Life

Navigating History Begins Tonight!

Don’t miss this evening’s inaugural session of Isaac’s “Navigating History” series! The Egypt team is starting off the series with an audio Q&A session on the eve of their voyage, explaining more about who they are and what they’re hoping to do. Bring all your questions, get to know the team, and gear up for the adventure to begin! Go here to subscribe — it starts 8PM CST.

Below, our brother Isaac explains the vision for the trip.

And here is a clip from an early brainstorming session, where Chris speculates about spiritual sustenance in the afterlife.