Evenings with Victoria Botkin

For years our dear mother has been a faithful (but mostly behind the scenes) exhorter in the forgotten principles of biblical wifehood and motherhood. So far, she has preferred to remain in the background as the secret bulwark supporting all that our family does, but after so many years of keeping our mother and her wisdom (and her delightful personality) to ourselves, we have finally persuaded her to extend her ministry to young wives into the public realm.

Our father’s online mentoring series has been so well received that, by popular request, it will immediately be followed by a series by our mother, “Evenings with Victoria Botkin,” every Monday evening for 9 weeks. We are very excited that our mother is doing this, and encourage as many of you as possible to listen to her insights drawn from 30 years of applying Scripture to her marriage and family.

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“Victoria is my beloved friend, my trusted mentor, and my wise counselor! Every young woman and mother would be wise to set aside the time to hear godly instruction from this precious woman of God. I treasure every conversation with her. . .and so should you. . .”

Beall Phillips, wife to Doug Phillips

“I recommend everyone to sit under Victoria Botkin’s instruction. She is real, practical, biblical and refreshingly frank. It was easier for me to have my daughter Kelly so far away from me during her first year of marriage because Victoria was there and she understood her role in Kelly’s life as an older woman. The same kind of life giving counsel Kelly received at that time, you will receive during these sessions.”

Deborah Brown, wife to Scott Brown

“Victoria is not just wise and kind — she is fun! Her gentle sense of humor always comes in at just the right moment to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously even as we focus on the important work at hand. I know that listening to Victoria teach online is going to be a marvelous experience. You won’t get to enjoy her delicious bread, but the savory goodness of her words and the kindness of her voice will surely bring a smile to your face and encourage your heart. I look forward to these sessions as a way to renew my own vision and learn new ways to bless my family. What a delight!”

Jennie Chancey, wife to Matt Chancey

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