Radio Interview with Kevin Swanson

We were very honored to be guests on the Generations With Vision radio show again, this time on the subject of our new audio message, “What our Father Taught us About Boys.”

From the Generations website:

What our Daughters Need to Know About Young Men
Interview: Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin

In a Eros-filled society, people hardly know how to relate to each other, and the problem is particularly difficult for our unmarried young men and women. The Botkin sisters join us again on this edition of Generations to talk about “The things our father taught us about young men.” Too many young men and women avoid each other or create odd romantic ideas about the opposite gender. This helpful interview will strengthen the guy-girl (read brother-sister) relationships in your church community. We would recommend this as an excellent teaching tool for families and churches, where young men and women, boys and girls interact.

You can listen to the show HERE.

Girl-Guy Relationships