Curriculum Advice from Victoria Botkin: CD release


After much demand, our dear mother has just produced two CDs containing her top homeschooling tips. For the last 20 years Mother has been ministering to young homeschooling mommies around the world, giving them confidence, enthusiasm, and a vision for the importance of their labors. Now, for the first time, her pearls of wisdom are available to all.

VOLUME 1, Ages 3-8

Homeschooling. Lots of families have done it. But can you do it? How hard is it? What does it actually look like? How do you know if you’re on the right track for success?

Victoria Botkin has seven well-educated children who love home education and who plan to continue the tradition when they have children of their own. This inspiring home educator will tell you how you can teach your child ­ at home ­ successfully, inexpensively, calmly, and with the powerful confidence that you are doing the right thing before God. Her curriculum advice will motivate you and change your life.

Young mothers will not only gain countless practical ideas, but confidence, enthusiasm, and a vision for the importance of their labors.

Learn about:

Developing the right attitude
Choosing materials
Choosing curriculum
Inspiring them with creativity
Turning your home into an incubator of curiosity, exploration and discovery
And much more!


VOLUME 2, Ages 8-14

Curriculum catalogs tell homeschooling parents to choose from a confusing array of 25,000 products. Government educators say, “Don’t even try homeschooling unless you use our multi-million dollar curriculum.” Then there is Victoria Botkin.

Her advice will help you relax and enjoy the high calling of motherhood. This successful home educator discloses the wisdom needed to educate children 8-14 at home. As an added bonus, you will hear from her seven well-educated children. If you want to combine a godly home life with high academic standards, listen carefully to these CDs.

Learn about:

Guiding children into character, maturity and integrity
How children can take responsibility for their own education
Teaching children to love writing
How to use the media
Helping your child develop a vision for the future
Recognizing and encouraging your children’s gifts
Teaching life skills
And much more!

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