Male college students weigh in on “Return of the Daughters”

An email we received this morning from three male college students:

To Anna and Elizabeth,

We just finished watching your DVD, “Return of the Daughters,” and were very impressed. Having started to watch it at midnight, we decided to just watch 10 minutes of the video to get an idea of what it was like, but now at 2:05am we’re writing to you after watching the entire video, including all of the Bonus selections.

… We ordered the DVD after noticing the problems arising from young women leaving the home to go off to college and being instructed in the ways of the ungodly, leading inevitably to a breakdown in the family. Surprisingly, there is little or no information on the internet that directly addresses the question: “should our daughters go to college?” Thankfully, your DVD answers this question very well.

We have yet to see how the girls will react to this video (as well as your book), but we pray it will be received as well as it was with the three of
us men.

May God Bless you as you serve Him faithfully in your single years,

Your brothers in Christ,

L, Y and M