A Thank-You Letter

In the three months since “Return of the Daughters” had its grand premiere, we have been overwhelmed with letters, testimonies, questions and encouraging feedback. Letters like the ones below are the sweetest fruit of our labors.

Dear Anna Sofia and Elizabeth,

Just two days ago I received “Return of the Daughters” as a Christmas present. I have never appreciated a gift more. It touched my heart and it reminded me that I have a role that God ordained for me, as a daughter, sister, and helpmeet in training, to play. It encouraged me to remember to fall in love with Christ during my years as a single young lady…to serve and honor my father, mother, and brother. To encourage my siblings, to want to earn their respect. I feel that I have failed to fully play my role as a sister to my brother, to encourage him completely, and to respect him. I can never, never tell you how much I appreciate this wonderful gift. May it bless and encourage young women around the world. Thank you so much!

Your Sis In Our Lord and King Christ Jesus,