Our Sisters in India

Here is a letter we just received from a pastor in India. This hurting nation should be in our prayers, not only because of the oppressive spiritual darkness there, but because it is emerging to possibly become the world’s cultural leader before the end of the century, replacing China as the strongest economy, and influencing all English-speaking nations with a barrage of new media.

Pastor E.S. has asked us to pray for him. In many parts of India Christians are martyred regularly, and women are terribly oppressed. Pastor E.S. has seen more horrific widespread abuse and devaluation of women than most Americans will ever see, either in their own country or through the politically-correct filters of American media.

Pastor E.S. contacted us out of the blue because he sees the importance of teaching fathers to value their daughters and invest highly in their extensive education and training for their important role in society.

Dear Sister Elizabeth and Anna

I am greatly blessed by your encouragement word.

As Servant of God I am very much interested to raise the Indian Women to come forward and serve Him. So many Churches have restricted women in a low estate so therefore they have no freedom of Grace. I have seen in India many pastors do not educate theirs daughters… Many Indian parents when they came know that baby is female they do abortion in City and in rural village they just kill the baby or they throw into the River.

Lord has given me the burden to stand a Candle in the darkness of all evils my primary burden is to save the female babies and women’s from family torture and worse.

Please send your DVD to me I will broadcast it in Television in India.

As women of God see how you can help our Indian women to become the Disciple of Christ.

Thanking you

Your brother in Christ

Pastor ES