Interview with the Botkin sisters

Stacy McDonald, author of Raising Maidens of Virtue, will be conducting an interview with us in a few weeks, and is soliciting suggestions for questions from her readers.

From her blog, “Your Sacred Calling”:

Several weeks from now, I will be interviewing the Botkin sisters; and in a way, so will you! Starting today, I’m inviting my readers to send in their questions regarding the Botkins’ book, So Much More. In addition, if you have questions regarding the everyday lives or beliefs of Anna Sofia or Elizabeth, this is your time to ask them!

All questions should be sent to me at Botkin Interview Questions by October 23rd. Please note, questions will be compiled, integrated, and edited as needed for space and brevity. Please keep your questions direct, brief, and gracious. Questions will not be accepted during or after the interview. Please send your questions on or before the aforementioned date.

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